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(Last Updated On: December 29, 2020)

Are you almost quitting any pretense of searching for fixes to curing your back pain? Or on the other hand, has your back pain making your life miserable? You may have evaluated various medications, procedures, therapies, and sedatives yet what you get is temporary help. The suitable and permanent way to end this problem is by utilizing an inversion table. Although medical practitioners don’t bolster the use of these units, they are far the best apparatuses to cure serious acne in the neck or the back. Users who have interacted with these tables have been so happy with the outcome.

It is, in any case, advisable for individuals to use this unit regularly for delayed benefits. Also, getting the correct inversion table is the way to start when you wish to obtain the best out of your exercise. Not all inversion tables work the same, each accompanies their distinctive features and functionality. Therefore, you need to choose carefully. We Have Compiled Some Of The Best Inversion Table For Big And Tall Below. Do Check Them Out.

Benefits Of Using An Inversion Table

The benefits of utilizing an inversion table are phenomenal. In case you’re a first time user it’s important to stay inside your means. By this I mean you won’t go straight for the 90° position where you are total upside down on your first attempt. It’s a good idea to start low at a 25° to 30° position.

Most individuals will find they won’t need to go into the full upside-down position, considerably after much use. For many, the 60° position is all it takes to get the ideal help. Considering that, let’s have a glance at the benefits of utilizing an inversion table as a tall individual.

At the point when you use an inversion table regularly, you can greatly diminish the need for back medical procedures. “

Discontinuous traction with an inversion gadget resulted in a significant decrease in the need for a medical procedure” –

Assuages Herniated Disk Pain: Using an inversion table can decompress the vertebrae which can force the herniated disk back into position. At the point when this happens, the pressure is released on the squeezed nerves that are causing the pain.

Soothes Sciatic Nerve Pain: As with herniated disk, utilizing an inversion table can relax the muscles that encompass the spinal canal. At the point when they are relaxed they can turn out to be brimming with oxygen and supplements by and by.

Can mitigate osteoarthritis pain purchase utilizing regularly.

Best Inversion Table For Big And Tall (Comparison Table)

Name Asin Product Dimensions  
HARISON Inversion Table B0725QJ8LY 75 * 28 * 55 Inches

Check Price

Teeter FitSpine LX9 B07L9KB2PZ 60.8 * 27.8 * 61 Inches

Check Price

Lcyy-Inversion Tall Heat B07KYMPNPB 190 * 72 * 140 Inches

Check Price

HARISON Inversion Table

This item weighs 8.5 lbs. and accommodates persons of statures between 4.5″ to 6.6″. Users of up to 350lbs can also use this item. The exercise pack is adjustable from 20° to up to 180° for varied inversion needs. Furthermore, it features a non-slip nuts, safety belt, delicate handlebars, and ankle holding system for a comfortable inversion exercise. This inversion table diminishes any pain in your back and neck and also helps in lessening weight. The excellent adaptable padding ensures a good backrest, releases any form of pressure, and maintains good health.HARISON Inversion Table


HARISON Exclusive design! 3D sound system backrest completely Protect spine!

Quadruple Security Provide the Safest Inversion Experience

Updated Heavy Duty Material and Seamless Welding Support to 350 lbs Capacity

HEAVY DUTY INVERSION CHAI: Heavy obligation integrated steel frame make the back inverter cot very stable and durable. Safety belt, non-slip nuts, and mat, protective pedal spread, and cap wipe foot spread, and secure handles are twofold protections. Genuine balance design is the third safeguard to assist you with getting a charge out of the smoothest and most comfortable inversion experience. Best wellness Gift.

ADJUSTABLE UPSIDE DOWN BACK STRETCHER: Easily to four angle position, even completely 180-degree vertical inversion, you can use this inversion therapy table to exercise your back, neck, getting in shape and anti-gravity beauty training, release the pressure, get you far from the back pain or ibuprofen, make the most of your good dream. You can also crease it for easy storage.

Pros Cons
The Triangular Frame Is Steady To Keep It From Moving During Inversion Ankle Sleeves Are Not Such Comfortable As It Causes Ankle Strains
The Safety Belt Is Adjustable To Suit Your Size And Keeps You From Sneaking Off
No Need Of Heading Off To The Center Because You Can Have It In Your House


In summary, there must be various inversion table for any cost. In any case, you should purchase the one that impresses you regardless of the cost. Others accompany sophisticated features like heat therapy and massage, yet they are a lot pricier. The foldable options are also desirable yet, all the same, the one that lets things complete is suitable. We are sure that after you read this audit, it will help you in making an appropriate choice. We have tabled all that you need to know as far as an inversion table is a worry. Try not to ignore any factor, because they assist you in tailoring your selection. Pick one of the inversion tables and back pain will be an issue of the back.


Teeter FitSpine LX9

The Teeter FitSpine LX9 is the best in the class model in the FitSpine arrangement and is our top pick for “Best Inversion Table for 2020”. It incorporates all of the features and fundamentally the same as specs to the X3 models while adding a boarding platform, storage caddy, and more vigorous Stretch Max handles. The LX9 is FDA-Registered for several back and neck conditions and has been UL tried for safety. You also get an inversion table that has been almost 40 years taking shape, meaning that it has 40 years of upgrades already done. Waver has put a great deal of thought and first-rate building into this model, and you won’t find a better inversion table.Teeter FitSpine LX9

Design And Build Quality

The Teeter inversion table is at present the topmost model of the brand that gives phenomenal form quality durable performance. The heat-treated steel components have a more drawn out period of usability that makes this unit more promising and result-situated.

The components of this unit are 60.8 x 27.5 x 57 inches weighing 69 Ibs. It has a boarding platform that makes incredibly adequately to mount and demount quickly. It can bear 300Ibs user weight and has got an extra-long ankle lock system for optimal performance.

The unit is designed with a FlexTech bed that has got eight-point floating suspension system, helping in a better range of movement and also aids in giving optimal body slide to better relaxation of the muscles. Users have acupressure hubs for having the trigger-point release while the lumbar bridge helps in supporting traction on the lower back area.

The bed and the frame bolster the hold and stretch handholds for having a better extending position. The users can comfortably place their ankle in patented wrap-around ankle cups for a perfect fit. The provision of EZ-Traction handles help in having decompression at lesser angles or user can easily release and push the handles for having the precise oscillations.

The provision of extra-large max stretch handles further adds to the comfort of the users as it helps to give better-extending positions. The availability of precision rotation adds to the total control of the user over the inversion table as straightforward arm developments enable the user to redirect his body weight to get in a reversed position and return to the upstanding position. The EZ-angle tie has got preset markings at 20, 40, and 60 degrees for easy modifications.

This hardware can be put away with its measurements 20-inches x 28.8-inches x 66 inches, and the foldable feature further adds to save the space. Also, users have storage caddy that can be used for putting away various things.


The assembly of the Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table, 2020 Model, is basic and brisk with the assistance of a manual guide and 3-D instructions. It is a five-step assembly process and assembled in a short time. 85% of this unit arrives in preassembled requests and the user has to click together.

The key components of the inversion table, join their handles and it is ready to use. In any case, on the off chance that there is any worry regarding assembly, at that point, the user can download the BILT assembly app that is allowed to understand things in a lot easier way.

Pros Cons
FDA Registered As 510(k) Medical Gadget For Several Back And Neck Conditions It Is Costly
Voluntarily UL Tried And Affirmed
Included Boarding Platform


Waver FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table, 2020 Model, is ranked among the top-selling inversion tables for locally situated users as it offers high-rated features with the believability of FDA approval and UL certification. Being the top model of an inversion table.

It comes outfitted with additional benefits like Bluetooth angle, longest ankle-lock system with a storage caddy that you would not find in any other contemporary model. In any case, if you want to purchase a more financial plan amicable option.

At that point, you can purchase Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table that goes however lacks the top-notch feature of the LX9 model. In this manner, Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table offers top of the line quality with durable performance.

Therefore, Teeter Inversion Table surveys state that it is the best foldable inversion table of the year 2020 that demonstrates exceptionally effective outcomes for long haul usage.

Lcyy-Inversion Tall Heat

The adjustable inversion therapy table is worked with comfortable PU leather backrest with a stable heavy gauge steel tube frame.Lcyy-Inversion Tall Heat The PU backrest offers a comfortable head and back help while reversing. Full circle anti-slip safety handles give easy to come back to the upstanding position.

Pros Cons
The Solid Steel Frame That Is A Heavy Obligation Assembly Is Required And Can Take Some Time
Heat And Massage Therapeutic Innovation
Adjustable Lumbar Pad


Consider exactly what you’re searching for. With regards to value, comfort, and quality, there’s an alternate winning inversion table in each of those categories. While the Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 is high caliber and packed with unique features, it leaves something to be wanted at a significant expense. More affordable inversion tables like the Pro Deluxe Fitness Inversion Table (Now Grace love) or the Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table offer the same pain-mitigating results, yet they miss out on some innovative designs and comfort.

It’s all about finding the balance and prioritizing what you want out of your inversion therapy. Luckily, we are very brave inversion table audits to assist you with delving a little deeper into each specific model.



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